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Ceramic Foam Filter

Ceramic Foam Filter
  • Product Name: Ceramic Foam Filter
  • Post Date: 2018/12/14
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Detailed Specifications

FRALCO Filtration System FRALCO offers filter boxes for filtering liquid aluminum in continuous orbatch casting applications. Available as a single or double design, these unitsoffer adjustable height for leveling, tap out systems to enable drainage, andfilter box cover systems. The radiant tube heater system can pre-heat the emptybox or holding the box with metal. An optional PLC control unit is available tocontrol pre-heat, filter box cover system and clam. FRALCO ceramicfoam filters provide a cost effective and proven method to remove inclusionsfrom aluminum melts. The exact removal efficiencies can vary greatly dependingon application conditions. Typically, efficiency increases as filter cell sizeand the velocity of the metal in the filter decrease. Advantages A complete turnkey filter box system Supplied to the exact requirements of the customer Available with or without a heating system Variable operating height for ease of use and connection to existing launder system “Tile-saving technology” is popular within casthouse application. With this kind of design, usually, one tile can be used up to six casts.

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