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Degasser for Liquid Aluminium Hydrogen Removal

Degasser for Liquid Aluminium Hydrogen Removal
  • Product Name: Degasser for Liquid Aluminium Hydrogen Removal
  • Post Date: 2018/12/14
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Detailed Specifications

MDB Degasser The MDB Degasser System provides a nominal continuous refining rate from 15t/h to 75t/h. The system consists of a heated refining furnace, one to three spinning nozzles, and PLC automated process and furnace heating controls. The MDB furnace is divided into two to four separate and distinct refining chambers, each equipped with a spinning nozzle mounted to the furnace cover. Each chamber is designed to optimize process gas bubble saturation throughout the melt to maximize spinning nozzle refining efficiency. An internal baffling system controls the flow of metal, ensuring efficient refining of the molten aluminum as it flows through the refining furnace. OPTIONS The MDB furnace can be ordered with the following options: • Choice of immersion heating system. • Hydraulic tilting system to empty the furnace between casts for cleaning or alloy changes. • Swivel mast that both lifts and rotates the cover. • Customized controls. MDB Control Panels MDB provides electrical, inert gas control panels, and, if required, chlorine gas panels for all new degassing systems. FRALCO will also provide new panels for existing degassing systems. MDB Electrical Control Panel The electrical panel is designed for your local power supply, fully wired and assembled for operation. It contains all required components for stable process and furnace temperature control. MDB Inert Panel The inert gas/air panel contains all main and idle inert gas controls. All pressure regulators, pressure gauges, valves, and instrumentation for the control of inert gas are supplied. When needed, cooling air and cover gas controls are included in the inert gas panel. Flow meters or flow controllers can be supplied as optional equipment and communication modules between the electrical panel and the customer’s internal communication devices are available. MDB Chlorine Panel The chlorine panel contains all pressure regulators, pressure gauges, valves, and instrumentation required for proper chlorine flow gas control. An inert gas purge process is included in the chlorine gas panel design. Mass flow meters or mass flow controllers can be supplied as optional equipment and communication modules between the electrical panel and the customer’s internal communication devices are available. A chlorine gas leak detector can be supplied as optional equipment. All piping and instrumentation is designed for the use of chlorine gas follows local standards for hazardous gas processing. All panels can be customized to meet customer specifications. FRALCO Field Engineering can provide start-up assistance when requested by the customer. MDB -Cartridge Lining The MDB-Cartridge is a refractory furnace lining that is easily replaced. When the furnace refractory needs to be changed, the spent cartridge is lifted by using a specially designed spreader bar and a crane. After the used MDB-Cartridge is removed, a new lining can be installed within a few hours. The one piece refractory lining is manufactured by FRALCO division under controlled conditions in our pre-cast shapes manufacturing facility. The design using high temperature refractory and multiple layers of insulation provides maximum service life and superior insulation. The lining is pre-fired in our manufacturing facility to remove all moisture. After preheating on site, it is ready to use. Advantages • Produced under optimal conditions. • Easily replaceable pre-fired refractory lining. • Reduced man power needed for the relining.Reduced preheat time. • All moisture and chemically combined water has been removed during manufacture. • Downtime of the MDB furnace reduced up to 90%. Graphite Products Graphite products include machined rotors, shafts, and screws. Machined Component Advantages • Custom parts available • Oxidation resistant and low permeability Degasser Model Rotor capacity Static metal(kg) Dimension (mm) MDB-15 1 ≤15t/h 590 1975x1880x2150 MDB-25 2 ≤25t/h 890 2330x1800x2150 MDB-35 2 ≤35t/h 1300 2530x2000x2150 MDB-55 2 ≤55t/h 1840 2930x2800x2700 MDB-75 3 ≤75t/h 2930 3650x2800x2700

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